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Armstrong Soo Tax Services

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Preferred communcation method is email: armstrong_soo@yahoo.com

About Your Tax Preparer - Armstrong Soo

I am an IRS Enrolled Agent -- someone who passed IRS exams and is enrolled to practice before the IRS.

You may verify my Enrolled Agent with the at https://www.irs.gov/Tax-Professionals/Verify-the-Status-of-an-Enrolled-Agent (My ID is 92515)

I was initially trained by the H&R Block and have been practicing since 2003. My specialty is personal income tax including rental properties, sole proprietorship business, foreign earned income and non-resident tax. When I started the practice in 2003, I was shocked that many friends were both underserved and overcharged by the big names. My mission, therefore, is to provide you with friendly services, clear up-front pricing and free consultation. Yes, you may ask me any tax question at no cost. I get most satisfaction from clients who walked away happy and becoming friends. Of course, the money helps too :-)

If you have question, please free to email me at armstrong_soo@yahoo.com.



Q1. How much does it cost to do a tax return?
A1. It depends on the type and quantity of tax forms your situation warrants. You can find the published fee schedule at Fees/ Get Started section.

Q2. How much time do you need to prepare my tax return?
A2. Once I have all the information, I strive to turn around in 1 week. I find that most delay is caused by incomplete information, such as missing forms and information.

Q3. Where can I meet you?
A3. I don't think so because I moved to GA. But don't worry because I have not met most clients and yet they still have me positive Yelp review.

Q4. How do I give you my tax documents?
A4. The easiest way is to either email them or fax them to me. Alternatively, you can mail them to me via US Postal Service. Please keep the originals and mail me the copies only.

Q5. OK. How do I get the ball rolling?
A5. Please first complete the 1) General Questionnaire. You can download them at the Fees/ Get Started section. Return them (via email, fax, mail or UPS Store mailbox) to me along with all pertinent tax documents.


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